Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rambling: "The Moment", a poem

It has been almost a year since I have written a poem.  I go through these spells where I write poetry every day and then I take long breaks.

I wrote this particular poem while I was working one Saturday morning, which was about 3 weeks ago.  I technically finished it that same day but I didn't like the ending - it didn't sound right.  Finally this morning, I was able to finish it.

It is a poem of the coming of age and epiphany that follows.

I hope you enjoy it.



The moment will come, it always does
When the world as you know it, 
Fades away 
Into a heaping pile of ashes. 
Time will               stop               • 
The seconds will crashintoeachother as they come to a screeching halt 
And the train of realization will hit you square in the chest, 
Bringing your life into focus. 
You are no longer the same, you have changed without notice. 
The mirror shows the recognizable features you concede are your person, 
But as you allow your reflection to l i n g e r 
A few m o m e n t s too lllooonnnggg, 
The moment *reveals* itself. 
(Finish reading it on my website)

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