Monday, June 10, 2013

Book Review: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

2 out of 5 hearts

The manuscript I am working on, and have been working on for over a year, is influenced by Greek mythology.  I was curious to read other YA books that share this concept and this one sounded like it did.

Emma bumps into Galen at the beach in Destin, FL.  He his tall, dark, and handsome with violet eyes and olive skin.  She is pale with powder hair and the same violet eyes.  Galen is Syrena, a merman, and he was attracted to Emma because she could be too.  Galen heard that Emma could communicate with sea creatures, which is hard to believe because she acts and lives like a regular human.  However, a deadly fight with a shark gives Galen some indication that maybe the rumor was right and Emma has the gift.  Emma, on the other hand, has no awareness of this "gift" or Syrena or anything other than normalcy.  

Despite his sister's objections, Galen decides to follow Emma back to New Jersey, where he sets up a temporary home and cover for his human life.  If he couldn't make it more obvious, he has the same exact class schedule as Emma.  He senses her like he has sensed no one else and whether or not she has the gift, Galen tries to understand his feelings for her.  And Emma for him.  

I began reading this book twice before finally reading it fully the third time.  It is written in both points of views, Emma and Galen, but the transitions were sloppy and it was hard figuring out who was telling the story.  Better yet, there were no key indicators in the change of voice besides the change in pronouns.  I know that lately, I've been really digging my claws in to author's writing style.  The reason is that this is has a great impact on the reader's experience.

This is Book One of the series and it read exactly as such.  The entire time that I was reading it, I was expecting a turn of events, a climax, the plot to thicken.  But before I knew it, it was over and nothing happened.  It set up the storyline for Book Two and that was it.  This factor here was this book's biggest detriment.  We do find out about where the title comes from and the back story to Emma, but that's it.  There was no action.  There is romance involved, but it wasn't the foundation of the plot.  It derived from it.  

This turned out to be more focused on merpeople than Poseidon, so it didn't reference Greek mythology, actually, which wasn't a big deal.  Banks does explain the reference of Poseidon.  

Of Triton is the next book, which is already out, but I doubt that I will be reading it.


Hardcover, 324 pages
Published May 22nd 2012 by Feiwel & Friends
ISBN 1250003326 (ISBN13: 9781250003324)
Edition language:  English

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  1. I actually have the audiobook of "Of Poseidon" from Sync YA....hopefully I'll enjoy it! I'm sorry you weren't crazy about it :(

    -Kate Tilton